Does your central heating system need a jet wash? Call us if you need a professional power flusher based in Edinburgh.

Power Flushing -
Also Called Jet Or Hard Flushing

Edinburgh Power Flushing - Flush Your Central Heating System For Greater Efficiency

Power flushing is the most effective process of cleansing the central heating system of debris, including sludge, limescale and corrosion material in the system

The flushing process cleans the heating system, by forcing water at high velocity, but at low pressure, to avoid any damage to the central heating, through the system.

The whole procedure is hassle free, with no mess and in the long run prevents your central heating system becoming noisy, increases efficiency and is a means to damage reduction to your system, which could in turn lengthen the life of your precious boiler.

When Power Flushing Is Needed, When:

  • Your central heating system is unusually noisy when switched on
  • Your radiators are not hot all the way through, there are some cold areas
  • The pump continually fails
  • The radiators need to be bleed too often
  • Radiator pinhole leakage
  • When switched on the central heating system takes ages to warm up
  • Iron oxide can cause a black sludge to come out
  • Blocked inoperative or leaking radiator valves
  • Radiators are blocked
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