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Plumbing Tips

Blockages In The Waste Pipe

If the water flow from your sink or bath becomes slow, then it could be due to a blockage building up somewhere in the pipe system. This is a common problem due to leftover food and hair also being washed down the plug hole and accumulating in the pipes over time.

Solutions and Prevention

Commercial Drain Cleaners

Every major supermarket should stock an effective drain cleaner e.g. Domestos, Mr Muscle, Supermarket Own Brands etc. These products can be quite effective at clearing minor blockages, but care should be taken to follow the instructions and make sure the cleaner is not left to long in the pipes until it flushed through.


The old tried and tested plunger method can be just as effective if used correctly. The use of vaseline (petroleum jelly) around the base can help with sealing the plunger to the sink or bath hole. Then simply place the plunger over the water outlet and run the water, letting enough in the bowl to cover the base of the plunger. Next, hold a wet cloth over the overflow, give the plunger a few pumps to cause a vacuum and release. Repeat as necessary until the blockage is clear.

Blockage Rods

Some times you need to use a rod or snake to unblock the sink or bath. If this fails you could remove the trap and access the pipe run from here. It would be wise to have a bucket underneath resting on some plastic or a towel, as when the pipe is released a lot of waste and dirty water can come out.

greenline 2 taps releasing a water drop and a message about having the right tools

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Long established and qualified plumber based in the Lothian area and able deal with any plumbing problem you encounter no matter how small or large the issue is. We are available anytime, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. You can relax in the knowledge that the professionals are here to solve your plumbing problems. Our plumbers are respectful, courteous and professional and we are competitively priced.

We are experts installing a new toilet, showers, baths, basins, washing machines, refrigerators, radiators, water softeners etc. We are happy to help no matter how small or large the project and will give you the best possible advice to suit your budget.

Need Some Plumbing Supplies

If you need a new bath or shower/wet room and live in the Bathgate area, then the Plumb Center in Uphall might be right up your street. They are a nationwide company with over 490 branches across the country offering a great range for sale of plumbing and heating products.

After you have chosen what you want from their range of products, then why not call us on 0131 466 1011 to have the item installed by professionals, their address is below:

Telephone Number: 01506 432543
FAX: 01506 438382
EH54 5PF

A little bit of information about Bathgate

Bathagte first received a mention in the reign of King Malcolm IV of Scotland (1141 – 9 December 1165) and roughly means 'Boar Wood'. Centuries later the current King renewed hiss interest in the area when a silver mine was uncovered and King James VI repossessed the land in the name of the crown. The mine`s usefulness was short lived due to the quality of the silver ore being unreliable.

In more recent times Bathgate has seen industry come and go; from car production (BMC) to Motorola mobile phone manufacture. The latter closed it`s doors in 2001 due to a sharp decline in the global market for its products and now the large site is occupied by the HMRC.

A Summary Of Our Plumbing Services

  • Installation and maintenance of bathroom fixtures
  • Fixing burst pipes and leaks
  • Installing white goods
  • Drains and Pipes fixed and unblocked
  • Central heating systems
  • Safety checks
  • Competitively price and friendly service

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