Professional commercial and domestic plumbing and heating for the city of dunfermline. Central heating installed and boilers repaired.

Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Backflow

Water contamination is an important plumbing aspect to protect against. Backflow happens when dirty water flows back into your plumbing system and can pose a significant health risk.

2 Basis Backflow Causes

Back Water Pressure - increase in pressure caused by the expansion of water as it heats up, where there is no vents to release the pressure, can cause the flow of water to go in the opposite direction.

Backflow Siphonage - difference in the water pressure between supply and the plumbing system

Simple Solutions

Make sure there is an air gap between the appliance outlet (sinks, basins) and the maximum water level.

With the use of a single or double check valve

Use of a backflow prevention device, regulations set out here - The Water Supply Regulations 1999

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Dunfermline Plumbers - Experienced Plumbing Engineers For The Fife Area

Qualified Plumbers and Heating Engineers For The Town Of Dunfermline

We are qualified professionals to deal with any plumbing problem you encounter no matter what size the task is. We are available anytime throughout the year and are always happy to hear from you. We are the professionals that are here to solve all your plumbing problems. Our plumbers are respectful, courteous and professional and we are competitively priced.

If it needs fitting we can fit it, either it be in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen, we have the experience and skills to help you out with your home improvements.

We are experts installing new toilet, showers, baths, basins, washing machines, refrigerators, radiators, water softeners etc. We are happy to help no matter how small or large a task is and will give you the best possible advise that will suit your budget.

A Plumbing Center Near You

If you are looking for a new sink, bath, taps, showers, pipes etc in Dunfermline and the rest of Fife, then why not go to the Plumb Center in Dunfermline. They are a nationwide company with over 490 branches selling all manner of plumbing and heating products. After choosing what you want from them, why not call us to have the item installed by professionals, their address is below:

Telephone Number: 01383 625999
FAX: 01383 625998
KY11 8PU

Interesting Facts About Dunfermline

Dunfermline (Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Phàrlain) is an ancient town and was a former Royal Burgh. The area was first settled around 10000 - 9000bc and the first historic record of the town was in the 11th century with the Abbey being the venue of the marriage between King Malcolm III and his second bride Princess Margaret.

Dunfermline Abbey throughout the subsequent centuries continued to have a great deal of influence in the region, until King James VI relocated the Scottish Court to London in 1603.

In more modern and industrial times, Dunfermline was a source of coal and had a long tradition of linen production. In the twentieth century the town has been associated with the industries of electronics and engineering, but recently these have been in decline. The famous philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was born in the town of Dunfermline and provided many facilities to be used freely by the public.

A Summary Of Our Plumbing Services

  • Installing, fixing and maintaining taps (outside and in), toilets, sinks and basins
  • Burst Pipes and Leaks, a common problem in the winter time
  • Bathroom - replacement, installation, repair and maintenance
  • Replacement, installation, repair and maintenance of storage tanks
  • Washing machines, dishwashers, radiators and other water based appliances installed
  • Drains and Pipes fixed and unblocked
  • Immersion Heaters / Cylinders installed and repaired
  • Installation of shower/wet rooms
  • All specialist plumbing needs catered for
  • No plumbing jobs will phase us
  • You will find our prices to be very competitive