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Plumbing Tips

Air Lock In The Pipes

From time to time you may find when you open the tap no waters comes out, this may be due to an airlock in the pipes.

This small plumbing problem is quite easy to rectify. All you need is to attach a hosepipe to one of the working taps and to the other affected tab as well. Then open both taps to allow the water to flow through, this will force the air back out of the pipes. Allow this this to happen for a few minutes and then close of the tap that was air locked first.

This should solve the problem, but it is prudent to attempt this procedure a few times, just to make sure. A final tip would be to release the hose from the tap that is higher up and allow the water in the hose to drain back into the sink.

greenline 2 taps releasing a water drop and a message about having the right tools

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Professionally Qualified Plumbers and Heating Engineers Serving Musselburgh

We are qualified professionals to deal with any plumbing problem you encounter no matter what size the task is. We are available anytime throughout the year and are always happy to hear from you. We are the professionals that are here to solve all your plumbing problems. Our plumbers are respectful, courteous and professional and we are competitively priced.

Supplying plumbing services to areas near Musselburgh including Wallyford, Whitecraig and Newcraighall.

We can also fit bathrooms, toilets or kitchens. We have the experience and skills to help you with all your home improvements.

We are experts installing new toilets, showers, baths, basins, washing machines, refrigerators, radiators, water softeners etc. We are happy to help no matter how small or large the task is and can advise on the best possible solution to suit your budget.

A Plumbing Centre Near You

If you need a new sink, bath or shower and are based in Musselburgh, then why not take a trip to your local Plumbing Center located in Hawkhill Avenue. They are a nationwide company with over 490 branches selling all manner of plumbing and heating products. After choosing what you want from them, why not call us to have the item installed by professionals, their address is below:

Telephone Number: 0131 661 3161
26 Hawkhill Avenue

Some Musselburgh Trivia

Musselburgh (Scottish Gaelic: Baile nam Feusgan) is located to the east of Edinburgh about 6 miles from the centre and consists of about 22000 people. Musselburgh as settlement dates back to the Romans around AD 100, where a fort was built by them at Inveresk. The town is famous for Musselburgh Racecourse and Musselburgh Links golf course, which was a former British Open venue and has recently been stated to be oldest continuously played golf course in the world.

A Summary Of Our Plumbing Services

  • Installing, fixing and maintaining taps (outside and in), toilets, sinks and basins
  • Burst Pipes and Leaks, a common problem in the winter time
  • Bathroom - replacement, installation, repair and maintenance
  • Replacement, installation, repair and maintenance of storage tanks
  • Washing machines, dishwashers, radiators and other water based appliances installed
  • Drains and Pipes fixed and unblocked
  • Immersion Heaters / Cylinders installed and repaired
  • Installation of shower/wet rooms
  • All specialist plumbing needs catered for
  • No plumbing jobs will phase us
  • You will find our prices to be very competitive